4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing can be overwhelming since it is such a fast-paced platform. Give these tips a shot to broaden your reach.

As a platform, Instagram moves incredibly fast—the company seems aware of this, adding tools to save you from wasting your time such as the new “You’re All Caught Up” feature so you’re not looking at content you’ve already seen. As a result, it’s a fiercely competitively social media platform that can make it difficult to get your name out. You may begin to feel like your posts aren’t getting nearly as much traction as you want, especially since you’re putting up carefully curated content. Today, we want to take a look at five ways to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.  

1. Consider Embedding On-Site

If your content is in especially visual, you want to make sure that you’re showing off your Instagram as much as you can. For some, that means embedding their Instagram feed onto their primary website. This is especially valuable for e-commerce brands who may rely on the visual element to make sales.

2. Establish a More Story-Heavy Presence

Instagram stories are all the rage and they’ve really taken the world by storm. While you may not currently be using them much in your Instagram marketing strategy, remember how easy it is to snap a quick photo around the shop, take some pictures of new merch, or create a behind-the-scenes video that can quickly be thrown up on stories.

3. Use Top-Performing Posts as Ads

Instagram ads are incredibly powerful and while there are many options out there, sometimes running an ad is easier than you think. One way to ease your worries about the process is to use already-existing content as a starting point. Had a post that did very well organically? This may be the perfect post to use as an ad.

4. Repost Content

If you’re already taking the time to curate some amazing Instagram photos, why not use them elsewhere as well? While you do want your Instagram to have some platform-exclusive content, it’s also wise to reuse some of it in other places like on your blog or Facebook.

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