Ways That You Can Gather Feedback Via Social Media

Customers now turn to social media to give feedback.

Customers now turn to social media to give feedback. Long gone are the days where customers dial a number or send an email to give their opinions about a specific company. A large percentage of consumers believe that customer service should have social media integration due to its quick convenience. Keep reading to discover some ways that you can use social media to gather feedback as well as boost engagement.

Ask Questions Directly Via Status Updates

While this tidbit may seem obvious, most businesses make posts about products or new changes going on within the company. However, you rarely see a post that asks clients how they feel about a specific company overall. It’s natural to feel apprehensive about feedback, but it can only help improve your business practices. If you have a large community of valuable customers, then they’ll be happy to state how they feel about their experiences, a new product, or upcoming events.

Utilize Surveys

Some clients may not feel comfortable writing lengthy, opinionated responses. That’s where surveys come in. Social media sites like Facebook even allow you to embed a poll right into your post or add it to your bio. You can also record a marketing video that prompts customers to vote after the video. Websites such as SurveyMonkey.com allows cost-effective ways to create feedback forms.

Read Customer Comments

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be pushy. When you make statements updates, pay attention to what your customers are saying about you. Pay attention to the tone of the comments, and if the overall feedback is positive or negative. Then, don’t just stop there. Take these comments to heart, especially if they’re negative. You may find yourself needing to change some of your business practices.

Social Media Listening Tools Exist

“Mention” is an app that allows you to track your company’s mentions. You can type in keywords such as hashtag your company uses or just your company name to see where it’s popping up on blog sites and social media. Then, you can directly respond to these mentions, especially when they’re of an urgent matter, versus spending long hours online trying to do research. Hootsuite also does the same and has a scheduling feature so that responses are sent out to your liking.

Social Media Has Analytics Built In

Social media analytics allows you to track engagement, exposure, and influence. You can see the patterns and trends of how your customers are interacting with your posts. Most social media sites even offer you the opportunity to pay to boost statuses to reach a broader audience.

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