The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Posting from a business page is entirely different than posting from a personal page and could lead to backlash if not done correctly

Social media is potent. A strong social media presence can enhance your business tremendously. What social media does is connect people locally and globally and can help customers become more familiar with your brand. Traditionally, like its name, social media focused on a social aspect. The original intent of Social media sites like Facebook was to give people the chance to chat with others and divulge personal information, such as where they were vacationing. However, businesses now use social media for marketing themselves, their products, and their services professionally. There are guidelines for posting within a business context. Posting from a business page versus a personal page is entirely different and could lead to backlash if not done correctly. Keep reading for some do’s and don’ts of social media marketing.

Do Post Regularly

You want to post often enough to keep clients and customers thinking about you. You want your brand to stand out and be memorable. Keep Facebook posts to a minimum of once or twice a day. Make sure not to overpost. You don’t want your stakeholders to become turned off and overloaded with information.

Do Make Sure Your Posts are Time-Effective

It makes sense that your marketing posts shouldn’t go out at 3 a.m. Most people wouldn’t be awake during that time. Most people are programmed to be awake from 9-5 but considering other parts of the world matters as well if your business is global.

Did you know that Google Analytics gives free reports that can help figure out what time would be best to post? CoSchedule is an app that can help you organize social media posts, events, and any procedure that involves marketing all in one place. Some social media sites like Facebook gives you the luxury of scheduling posts in advance so that you spend time on other aspects of your business.

Do Make Your Business Page Personable

Of course, your social media content should be professional, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Show off company trips and make sure that your posts are humane.

Don’t Overload Your Networks

Because so many social media sites exist, it can be overwhelming to aggregate that much content. Typically, the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Pinterest is also steadily on the rise.

Don’t Discuss Controversial Topics

A rule of thumb is for a business to remain neutral. You don’t want to lose out on clients or customers by overtly sharing political, religious, or any other controversial topic. Offending people could lead to a backlash and cause you to lose out on money.

Don’t Ignore Feedback

If your clients or customers have questions or concerns, social media offers a quick way to address their concerns and build your credibility. Negligence could lead to poor reviews, which leads to a loss of profit.

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