Using Hashtags on LinkedIn

Using Hashtags on LinkedIn

Hashtags are a powerful tool on any social media channel.

Hashtags are a powerful tool on any social media channel. They’re also a convenient way to raise awareness of what your company does. That’s because users can quickly search for an important or relevant keyword using the hashtags. Here are some tips for how to use hashtags to improve your business’s LinkedIn page.

Adding Hashtags

On your LinkedIn homepage, click on share a new article. Then generate some new content, upload it from your device, or attach a link. Then, you can add your hashtags.

You can also add hashtags to the body of your LinkedIn article. Click on the button labeled “Write an Article”. Draft the article, and then click on “Publish”. You will then be given the option to describe what your article is about, and the option to add more hashtags. But be careful about mistakes, because once you hit that “Publish” button, you won’t be able to edit the hashtags.

Create Good Content

While it is important to come up with interesting hashtags, you can’t ignore your copy. Content is still the most important part, after all. Create the best content you can and include an inspiring call to action to convince your customers or audience to act in some way. Don’t hashtag too many words, that will just make your message more confusing and hard to read.


It can be difficult to punctuate hashtags correctly. Even so, punctuation is an essential way to understand the intended meaning. While writing a hashtag, keep in mind that you can’t use apostrophes, commas, exclamation points, or hyphens. Symbols and spaces won’t work, either.

Set them to Public

Be sure to set your LinkedIn hashtags to public, or else no one can see them. Proofread your hashtags during every step of the process before you publish the article! Once your hashtags are public, any LinkedIn user can find them, and as there are over 562 million of them, this is an invaluable resource.

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