4 Things to Avoid Doing When Marketing on Social Media

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Navigating social media as a marketer can be difficult when you’re starting out. Just be sure to avoid these four rookie mistakes.

Social media is constantly changing and as a result, so are the practices and norms of the platforms. This is especially relevant to marketers, where one mistake can have tangible impacts on a company’s audience retention and reputation. Thankfully, some of these mistakes are pretty obvious and others are easily avoidable. If you’re marketing via social media, do your best to avoid these five things.

1. Being Unresponsive

Part of why social media marketing works so well is that it directly connects consumers with corporations. The benefits of this are obvious: it humanizes a company and allows for two-way conversations, which goes a long way in developing a sense of consumer trust in your brand. Just make sure you don’t let things swing the opposite way and earn a name for yourself as being unresponsive, as this makes people much less likely to trust your brand.

2. Overusing Trends

Sometimes, companies engaging with cultural trends and showing that they’re people who laugh at the same jokes their consumers do can work out pretty well. There’s also plenty of instances of companies getting flak for this and seeming disingenuous. As far as how you should gauge whether or not you’re doing this, try to look at it from your audience’s perspective—if it could come across as you taking advantage of a trend, then you probably shouldn’t make the post.

3. Not Using Varied Content

Let’s say you use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms to get your name out there. Crossposting content and reusing something for multiple channels is a perfectly fine thing to do but there is a possibility of overdoing it. Switching up your strategy and posting platform-exclusive content gives people more of a reason to follow you everywhere rather than just one network.

4. Too Many Hashtags

Any marketer worth their salt knows the power of hashtags but in this case, there’s the possibility of too much of a good thing. Hashtags make your content searchable and easy to find, but too many of them make you appear desperate, especially if you start using hashtags that aren’t even related to your content. Hashtags are most effective when they’re deliberate, thought-out, and used in moderation.

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