The Vision Behind Visual Search and SEO

Visual search is becoming trendy.

Visual search is becoming trendy, so trendy that both small businesses and enterprises should keep their eye on this marketing strategy. It improves SEO. Also, in just one year alone, Pinterest was able to take pride in reaching over 600 million searches a month.  In layman’s terms, visual search refers to technology that allows a person to look for information using an image as a query. In the case of Pinterest specifically, it also leads users to other similar images or text-based information. Other key players such as Bing, Amazon, eBay, Asos, and Google are utilizing visual search. Keep reading to learn more about the vision behind visual search and how it improves SEO.

What are the Three Applications of Visual Search?

1) Image MetaSearch

Unconsciously, we all know what image metasearch is. It allows Internet users to used text to search for an image. For example, if you’re thinking about buying new ergonomic office chairs for your small business, then you might type “ergonomic office chairs” into Google or other search engines and click on the “images” tab to get a visual of the specific office chair. A plethora of image thumbnails come into view. Image MetaSearch is the most widely used visual search technology.

2) Reverse Image Search

Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) or reverse image search works oppositely. It involves uploading an image to a search engine and then several photos related to that query then pop up.

3) Image Recognition Technology

Image recognition technology refers to a search engine being able to identify multiple images within one image. SEO comes into play because once a user uploads a specific photo, keywords, or tags generate based on the image. This technology is helpful because if you’re looking for a particular item, such as clothing in a specific shade or hue, then image recognition technology will filter out all images that don’t resemble that image.

How Can Visual Search Help MY Business?

Visual search helps small business and enterprises increase their profits. Images inspire customers to make purchases. The adage states, “a picture says a thousand words,” so it’s best to assess your gallery and make sure that your images are captivating. Cross-selling also increases profits because a customer may search for one product but find another product within the same picture that could bring their vision to its full potential.

What Can I Do to Improve SEO and User Experience?

  • Add pictures to XML image sitemaps.
  • Make sure your images have tags, and descriptions or captions.
  • Name your images accurately.
  • Make sure your images don’t cause your website to load slow.
  • Make sure that your images are contextually relevant.

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