How Google My Business Can Help Your Company’s SEO

Google My Business Can Help Your Company’s SEO

Google is a search engine that helps people find the answers that they’re looking for, but Google can also help improve your company’s SEO.  But how? With Google My Business, local companies have a higher chance of people finding their business on the net, but it aids in search engine accuracy as well. You may think that your business is successful enough through word-of-mouth, social media, client referrals, and your fantastic marketing/sales team. However, Google My Business is worth investing in. Keep reading to discover the top reasons why you need it to improve your company’s SEO.

What Exactly is Google My Business?

It’s an interface that allows business owners to control how their business appears through Google’s products and platforms, which can include search engine result pages or (SERPS), customer reviews, and instant content. You can download the Google My Business app on Google Play or the App store, or sign up from a laptop or desktop. Upon downloading, you’ll receive detailed and thorough information that can help you get started so that you can learn about posting, bookings, and insights.

Why is Google My Business Beneficial?

1) Consistency of Information

You want your business represented accurately. With Google My Business, you can control how your information pops up on the web. Therefore, potential customers have the correct name, address, website, telephone number, and hours of operation. You can also post FAQs to Google My Business so that potential clients or business partners have a full understanding of what your company does.

2) High Web Visibility

Many third-party websites rely on Google to seek information. If you complete your business profile, then there’s a high chance for your company to feature on these sites. It’s best for Google to have as much information about your business as possible so that you’ll be appropriately categorized. It also increases the chances of your business showing up in local web searches.

3) First Impressions Mean Everything

With Google My Business, you can upload photos and videos to showcase the best features of your business. If there are any products that customers rave about, you should undoubtedly show them off. If your company is known for its philanthropy, you can upload a video of your current or past efforts to help local communities.

4) Analytics, Posting, Booking, and Managing Reviews

Google My Business enables you to understand where and how customers are finding your entries and where they are not. Understanding this information can help you tweak your marketing and tailor it to a specific audience.  Have a special sale coming up? With posts, you can market anything exciting that’s going on with your company. Thirdly, if your company takes a lot of appointments, then your customers can book appointments right away without needing to leave the search engine page. Finally, you’ll be able to reply to any reviews via Google My Business. Managing reviews are all a part of SEO strategy. And guess what? Google My Business is completely free!

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