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Measuring your blog’s success

There is a lot of great blogging hints in this article, but we’d like to focus on the first one. It’s important to measure your blog’s marketing success, because as the only saying goes, if you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing. An important first step is making sure you know your blog’s purpose. The article mentions three different types of blogs, and each has a different measure of success.

5 branding tips for social media

We came across this article from Entrepreneur magazine and wanted to pass it on. It succinctly describes the ways small businesses can utilize social media to build their brands. We’d like to make it more succinct by highlighting the main points.

Will you Wibiya?

A new social media application popping up on more and more websites is the Wibiya social toolbar. It resembles a true toolbar and resides at the bottom off website page. It’s very customizable, so the toolbar will look different for every company, but you can expect to see the logos of other social media on it.

If your company’s blog is up and running and you’re regularly updating it with new posts, congratulations. You’re optimizing your site and moving up in search engine results. Now you’re ready for the next step: getting links to your blog posted on other sites. The more links there are to your site, the higher your site will be in search results. This article from Entireweb.com has a number of good suggestions for getting links to your blog.

What To Include In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Every client desires their social media marketing strategy to create the ultimate “buzz” around their product, service, business or event. What may be a success or failure for one company could result in the exact opposite conclusion for another, simply verifying how incredibly different and customized each social media marketing strategy truly needs to be.