5 WordPress Plugins All Blogs Should Be Using

Juggling all of the different aspects of running a business is challenging. Staying on top of your marketing strategy, utilizing effective social media campaigns, and increasing search engine rankings are important concerns that can easily fall to the wayside when you’re inundated with other work. Luckily, for blogs that utilize WordPress there are an endless number of plugins to make all of those jobs easier. Sometimes the sheer number of available plugins can be overwhelming so here we’re going to highlight 5 that every Word Press blog should be using.


WordPress plugins can make your blog more effective and efficient.

5 WordPress Plugins All Blogs Should Be Using

Google XML Sitemaps

Creating an XML sitemap is crucial if you want to increase your search engine rankings. Your sitemap will allow search engines to crawl your site, pick up information, and be notified when you create new content. This plugin makes it easy to create your sitemap.



This plugin automatically blocks spam comments so that you don’t have to wade through them manually. If it misses a comment that you consider spam then you can mark it as such and the plugin will learn from its mistake.


WordPress SEO by Yoast

While the WordPress platform does a pretty stellar job of integrating SEO into its framework, Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin takes it a step further. It requires you to enter your blog post’s keyword and then checks through your blog post’s content, title, article heading, page url, and metadescription to be sure your entire entry is keyword optimized.


Broken Link Checker

This plugin will automatically notify you when it detects a broken link anywhere on your website. It also allows you to update broken links from the plugin page rather than requiring you to edit each post manually.


Proofread Bot

Sometimes when you’ve spent hours writing content it can be hard to go back and proofread before posting your article. Let the Proofread Bot plugin do it for you! This simple plugin detects grammatical and spelling mistakes as well as issues with formatting and styling. It will also check your content against Bing to ensure there are no issues with unintended plagiarism.


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