What is Online Presence Management?

Online Presence Management

What will your business’s online personality be like?

You may have heard of the term “Online Presence Management”. Simply put, online presence management is how you control your company’s online presence. This means rather than paying for intrusive ads that may only annoy and frustrate potential clients, you instead curate an online personality and tweak your advertising to meet clients where they already are. There’s a lot to learn about online presence management and how it can help your business.

The History of Online Presence Management

Back in the 1990s, online companies like eBay and Amazon were doing something new: they were making money by selling products entirely online, foregoing a physical “brick and mortar” store. Companies who had physical stores jumped on the bandwagon by creating websites to sell their products in addition to the physical location where their products were sold. It was an entirely new buying experience, and clients could simply look up a store on the web to buy their products.

Then, around the turn of the century, the dot com crash exposed unsound business practices and helped those companies still online to develop more efficient business models. Social tools proliferated all over the web. Websites like Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, and Youtube allowed users to voice their opinions on anything and everything. Eventually, websites started popping up that focused on allowing users to review products and services. This is where we stand today, where a single bad Yelp review can change a restaurant’s revenue by 5-9%. Clients no longer want to be passively advertised to; they want to actively interact with companies in which they are interested. And there are many ways that companies can cater to their clients’ needs.

How Can I Use Online Presence Management to My Benefit?

Clients want to interact with your company. They want to tweet at you or post on your Facebook wall. They want to read your blog! Having a strong online presence means that you are active in many different circles of social media. Rather than paying for advertisements that clients don’t want to see, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the personality of the demographic my business caters to?
  • What content do I need to create or improve?
  • How do I measure and improve my content?

Think about your audience and what they want to see. Create a solid online persona that reflects the personality of your client base. If the content of your website and social media sites are appealing, you are more likely to attract clients naturally and garner genuine interest in your products.

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