Fixing Up Those Hard-to-Read Blog Posts

Blog Posts

More often than not, what causes people to skip past your blog post is that it seems boring, confusing, or tedious.

We’ve all been there. A catchy headline to a blog post piques your interest. It’s probably what just happened to you before you began reading this! However, we hope that this next part isn’t true this time: You click the link and start skimming through the content. It may only take you a few seconds before you say to yourself, “Nope. Not worth my time.” But what is it about blogs that discourage you from reading them? More often than not, what causes people to skip past your blog post is that it seems boring, confusing, or tedious.

Four Ways to Make Your Blogs Easier to Read

  • Section Headers

Section headers can be as helpful to the blogger as they are to the reader. They force you to organize and separate your thoughts into a way that makes sense and is understandable. Without section headers, it can be hard for the reader to determine what the main points you are trying to make are. And according to a recent eye tracking study, section headers in online articles can increase reading comprehension by 12%.

  • Bulleted/Numbered Lists

Do you see what we did there? Bulleted lists with bolded headers catch the reader’s eye and allow them to skim over the information to absorb the important parts without having to read the rest of the verbiage. If you happened to skip by this paragraph, for example, at least you got the gist of it with the bullet point.

  • Short Paragraphs

Nobody wants to slog through a wall of text to find the relevant information. With the help of headers and lists, you can break up the information into a number of smaller paragraphs with the topic clearly outlined ahead of time for your reader. Just remember – writing shorter paragraphs doesn’t mean you need to write less, it just means you need to have many shorter paragraphs.

  • Bold Text and Photos

Bolding a sentence is a great way to catch your reader’s attention and let them know what’s important. Your eyes probably jumped right to that sentence, didn’t they? Statistically speaking, most web users only read about 20% of the content on a page. It’s your job as a blogger to make sure they get the most important information out of what they do actually read. Photos are a no-brainer – everyone likes a visual along with a ton of text and help your reader to understand what your blog is about just by a quick glance.

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