Related Topics and Connected Keywords in SEO

related topics and connected keywords

When creating your content, make sure to research related topics and connected keywords.

A few weeks ago, we discussed how to balance keywords with concepts while creating content. Today, we’re going to discuss a similar topic: how to use connected keywords and related content while creating content. The idea with using related topics and connected keywords is to cover a wide expanse of what people are searching for. So, for example, if you use the keyword “office chair”, you also want to incorporate related topics and connected keywords that people may be searching for. You want to look at other pages that rank high for your keyword and see what related words and phrases they are using. Google will recognize that many of the top-ranking pages for “office chair” also have words like, say, “office furniture” and “ergonomics.” Incorporating words and phrases that are similar to your keyword is a great way to boost your rankings. Now there are two things you can do with this information.

Use Semantic Connections and Related Topics

Consider what related words and topics your users want to read about in your blog. If you are writing an article with the keyword “office chair”, then maybe users also want to read about ergonomics or wheelie chairs. Perhaps a lot of sources that reference office chairs link to a particular vendor. Add the link to your blog for reference. Widening your related topics and connected keywords will help your content to rank well with Google.

Expand Keyword Research

You can use sites and tools like keywordtool.io and MozPro to research keywords to see what related words, phrases, and topics people are searching for. Having a long list of keywords, you may want to refine your targeted keyword. So, instead of “office chair” your keyword is “ergonomic office chair with wheels”. This long-tailed keyword makes it more likely that you will be at the top of searches. Plus, when you have a few sets of content that target specific, long-tailed keywords, you assert yourself as an internet authority, making it easier for users to find you.

Read more about keywords and topics on Moz.com!

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