Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business Saturday

Social media is an extremely valuable tool for marketing your small business and connecting with your customers.

Social media is an extremely valuable tool for marketing your small business and connecting with your customers. This Small Business Saturday, use your social media pages to encourage other users to shop small and shop local for their holiday gifts.

Put Current Social Media Campaigns on Hold

Whether you have a specific plan for your current social media marketing campaign or not, you should put whatever you’re currently doing on hold for a bit and think about the special things you want to do for Small Business Saturday. Here are a couple of ideas for encouraging customers to shop on Small Business Saturday:

  • Update contact information. There’s very little that is more frustrating than when someone is interested in trying a new place but can’t find it. If your contact information is up-to-date, customers can just call, click, or email to find out what they need.
  • Social media ads will help you reach more people. Specifically, Facebook ads will help increase your reach
  • Offer a Small Business Saturday Promotion, and post about it on your social channels. Everyone loves a good deal, so if you have a promotion going it can help encourage people to come in and look around.


People use hashtags for all sorts of things: milestones, special events, and even just everyday things. They make posts more noticeable. #ShopSmall is the official hashtag of Small Business Saturday, but you can add your own hashtag to that, for example: #ShopSmall #BaltimoreBookStop. A few days beforehand, post about the special hashtags on your social media pages, that way your customers and followers will know to use them. The more a hashtag is used, the more likely it is to become “trending” on Facebook and other social networks.

Harness the Power of Geotagging

This Small Business Saturday, encourage your guests to “check in” on their Facebook and Instagram pages. This is a great way to look at how much traffic you saw on that day. As an added bonus, you can encourage guests to post pictures with their check-in. This will get pictures of your products, and of people enjoying them, out on your social pages.

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