3 Current Facebook Marketing Trends


Discover current trends in Facebook marketing!

The marketing field is constantly evolving looking for new and innovative ways to promote to their target audiences.  Social media platforms are one of the main ways business are reaching and connecting to current and potential customers.  Facebook, the social media giant, is one of the most popular platforms with almost two billion active users.  Businesses are taking advantage of this and are increasing their marketing dollars into Facebook.  When planning your Facebook marketing strategy, you should follow the current trends.

Start Recording

One of the top Facebook marketing trends is video with more 100 million hours of Facebook video watched daily.  It is vital that your business adapts to this trend and start creating video content to attract consumers.  Live videos are extremely effective in attracting an audience and lets people interact with you in real time.  Facebook live videos are watched longer than pre-recorded content and help views connect with you easily.

Customer Service

People are using Facebook more and more to interact with their favorite brands and to communicate their concerns.  The internet, in general, is the most effective ways to communicate with each other to solve problems quickly.  Consumers can go to Facebook to interact with brands and to ask questions regarding past service.  It is a great way for businesses to build a relationship with their target audience.


First implemented by Snapchat, stories allow for business to post events happening in their lives throughout the day.  It is a great way to keep in contact with your audience, and you can relate to them at the same time.  You can keep your audience up to date on a product or service and keep them in the loop.  

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