What is Facebook Reach?

What is Facebook Reach?

Facebook reach tracks your posts and tells you statistics on likes, shares, comments, and so on.

One of the great things about using Facebook for online marketing is that they are always growing and adding all kinds of great new features for businesses to create posts and track their progress. One of those great features is Facebook reach. Facebook reach basically tracks your posts and tells you statistics on likes, shares, comments, and so on. There are three different types of reach your Facebook posts can have: organic, paid, and viral. Here is a brief overview of the types of Facebook reach.

Organic Reach

When something is organic, that means that there hasn’t been anything done to help it grow. For the purpose of Facebook reach, organic reach simply means that a post has gained popularity on its own. When users visit your business’s Facebook page and interact with posts by clicking on them and liking and/or sharing them, that is considered organic reach. Also, when a Facebook user follows your page, the posts will come up in their news feed. This is another component of organic reach.

Paid Reach

When you post content on your business’s Facebook page, you have the option to “promote” the post. Clicking the promote button will take you to a page that has options for how much you would like to pay to promote the posts. The amount you pay per promoted post varies based on the number of users you would like it to reach and how long you would like to promote it for.

Viral Reach

Viral reach is when more and more users see your page’s content because other users have created stories about it. If one person likes, shares, or comments on one of your page’s posts, some of that person’s friends will see. The more people who interact with those posts, the more news feeds they will show up on. Viral reach is a sort of snowball effect. For every one user that interacts with a post, a few of their friends will see and may or may not also interact and before you know it the post is all over Facebook.

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