Revamping Your Web Design? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Adventure Web Interactive Web DesignIf your company has a website, you know how crucial it is to design it with your customers in mind. If your site has too many bugs or issues, people will likely stop visiting your website due to poor web design. The elements you include in your website might make the difference between earning and losing business. In this blog are some critical mistakes to avoid when designing your website.

A Heavy Reliance On Stock Images

Even though stock photos are far simpler to obtain and may look nicer than photos you take yourself, actual pictures will perform much better. Replacing stock photos with creative images that reflect the tone and character of your company is a fantastic idea. If you sell products, you should have pictures of those products available for buyers to view on your website.

Your Landing Pages Lack Information

When customers search for your company or services online, the landing page should point them toward the information they need. Your most important content may be wasted if they arrive on an unrelated page, forcing them to click further into the website, which could result in losing vital traffic. A visitor will be more likely to become a customer if the critical information is easier to access.

Too Many Popups

Popups are generally disliked by anyone who uses the world wide web. Popups help with conversions and growing your email list; it’s true. But should you forego a positive client experience in exchange for the chance of developing your email list by a small number? Think about whether popup windows are necessary. If so, ensure they don’t pop up again and are simple to close.

Your Website Only Contains One Page

One-page websites with parallax scrolling effects are appealing because of their eye-catching design and engaging user interface. Nevertheless, they can be annoying because they require constant scrolling and may take longer to load due to the numerous layers of images and animations. This is particularly true on mobile devices when navigating the site’s content takes significantly longer. Because there is no internal linkage between the pages on your site, one-page websites are also bad for search engine optimization.

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