Six Key Factors for Email Newsletter Success

six key factors for email newsletter success

Follow these guidelines for crafting an email newsletter that adds value to your marketing strategy.

Email newsletters are an essential component of any well-rounded marketing strategy. This method of virtual communication with your client base allows you to send your audience of subscribers important news and updates regarding your business. You may include your latest blog posts, sales information, a new product or service, or even helpful tips and practices. Whether you have a successful newsletter strategy depends on the content you send to your subscribers, how they subscribe, and whether you achieve your desired results. Follow the suggestions below for ensuring email newsletter success. 

First, Know Your Goals

The strategy you choose to deploy with your email newsletter will depend on what your goals are for your website. If you are a blogger, you will want to increase readership and engagement with your posts. In that case, your newsletter should include prompts to read new content. If you are a small-business owner, you will want to inform your subscribers about new offerings or special promotions to drive sales while minimizing advertising costs. 

Know the Legal Rules

Many countries have email newsletter guidelines or laws with which you must comply. These laws aren’t too intimidating and are merely designed to prevent companies from filling people’s inboxes with unsolicited spam or advertisements they can’t avoid. Make sure your strategy wouldn’t be breaking any of those laws before you enact it. 

Simplify Subscribing

Crafting a fantastic email newsletter won’t be much use to you if people aren’t subscribing to it! You will want to make it easy for people to subscribe to your newsletter. You can do this by making your subscribing forms prominently positioned on your blog’s sidebar, at the end of blogs, or even through pop-up subscribe forms on your website. 

Brand Your Newsletter

Branding your newsletter means that your subscribers will know exactly what they’re getting with each new installment. For example, if your blog is based around cooking recipes, you can brand your newsletter as a way to get “fresh new recipes delivered to your inbox.” Having a little fun with your call to action is also a way to attract new subscribers!

Provide Value, Never Spam

People who subscribe to your email newsletter want the content you are offering them and not spam. Make sure you are only sending out valuable information they expect, not mindless content that isn’t related to your business or brand. 

Measure and Improve Outcomes

You should choose a service to send your email newsletters, which provides you with helpful metrics to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns. This way, you can tell if your email list is growing, and what your open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates are. These metrics will help you shape your content and marketing strategy in the future. 

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