How to Properly Understand Social Media Statistics and Information

How to Properly Understand Social Media Statistics and InformationYou might have an exceptional social media strategy and splendid business marketing goals, but this can mean nothing if you don’t understand the data you’re receiving from your content. Optimizing your company’s social media strategy is as much about learning from your data and adapting as it is about posting engaging content. In this blog, you will learn about social media statistics and information, and how to use them to your best ability to reach customers the way you want.

Why Are Your Statistics Important?

Statistics are fundamental for drawing conclusions and observations from your behavior as a business, and especially with your online content. Statistical data tells you what you’re doing right and wrong. You must be able to handle quantitative and mathematical data to be able to understand what’s happening with your social media metrics properly.

What Does Your Social Media Statistics Tell You?

Your social media statistics can tell you everything you need to know about the social media world so you can adequately angle your content in a better way. Statistics show you what kinds of posts are the most popular, which media gains the most interactions, which social platforms are the most popular, and the times of day your target consumers are more likely to use a particular platform. These are all essential for you to better angle your social media campaign towards your target market.

Statistics You Should Know

The following statistics are essential to know for any business, big or small, hoping to optimize their social media campaigns:

  • Facebook is the largest social media platform.
  • 3.2 billion people use social media every single day
  • Millennials are the most active users of social media.
  • An estimate of 2 hours a day is typically spent on social media by one person.

As you can see here, these statistics paint a more clear picture of the behavior of consumers and your specific target market. If you were to conduct an advertising or marketing campaign aimed towards millennials, you would see that social media is a must to grab their attention.

Set Some Goals and Track Any Changes

Lastly, use statistics to set some personal goals for your company. Once you better understand and analyze your statistical data, you can follow the goals you wish to achieve. Track any changes by monitoring your data. If you have a campaign that runs at a particular time and your statistics reveal that user engagement is high during this time, you can continue to put more resources and efforts into that aspect of your campaign. Statistics and data can tell us a lot about what we’re marketing out through social media, make it a priority to learn more about them to get a better understanding of what your markets want.

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