The Importance of Verifying Your Business Social Media Pages

The Importance of Verifying Your Business Social Media Pages

Your business needs to have verified social media pages to assure your customers that your pages actually belong to you. How should you go about verifying your pages?

Social media is a great way to raise awareness of your business. Plus it’s also a quick and easy method for connecting with customers both old and new. But your business needs to have verified social media pages to assure your customers that your pages belong to you.

Why It’s Important

Twitter was the first of the popular social media platforms to start using verification. In the beginning, it was mainly a way for celebrities to tell their followers it was their real profile. But now, companies and their associated brands can use it to increase their credibility and prove to consumers that they are worth their time and attention.

Verifying Facebook

First off, you need to update your profile with a new profile picture and fill out all of the necessary profile information. Then, you’ll need to go to the settings page. You should see two sections labeled as “General” and “Page Verification.” Add relevant details such as phone number and address. Lastly, use the “Call Me Now” button so Facebook will give you a verification call and code. Put the code in, and a few days later, you should hear back from Facebook.

Verifying Twitter

To get your business profile verified on Twitter, you’ll need a few things. For instance, you need a phone number, email address, biographical information, profiles headers and photos, and an associated website. Then you can contact Twitter for official verification.

Verifying Instagram

Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. It’s also heavily populated by younger users between the ages of 18-30, so if you’re trying to make your brand more appealing to that target audience you need to verify your company’s Instagram page. If you are an extremely well-known company in your field, Instagram will verify your page without much effort on your end. If you’re not, you need to raise start posting more images that can draw some attention. Then add as much information to your profile as you can to help attract new customers and at some point, Instagram’s eye as well.

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