The Importance of a Licensed and Insured Drone Videographer for Commercial Video Shoots

Drone Videographer

Is your drone videographer licensed and insured? Learn below why it’s so important!

If you’re looking to hire a drone videographer for your business, whether for your website content or for YouTube video, it may be a little confusing to decide who to choose. The rules and regulations surrounding drone flying have changed a lot over the last couple of years. And you might be tempted to just ask your niece or nephew looking for a couple extra bucks who just got a drone for Christmas! You should know, however, that FAA rules are now standardized and a licensed, insured drone videographer is a must for commercial video production. Why is a licensed and insured drone videographer so important?

It’s the Law

Of course, one of the most important reasons is to stay legal! A drone videographer has a big responsibility to make sure their service is safe for the public. One who has a license has spent many hours learning and understanding FAA guidelines, so they will know when and where they can legally fly their craft.

They Carry Liability Insurance

Business owners understand the importance of liability insurance in protecting them from unforeseen incidents. Legal drone videographers operate commercially, so they will also want to protect their aircraft, business, and anyone else around the operation from damage. While liability insurance is not required by law for a drone videographer, a responsible one will have it.

Delivering a Quality Product

Put quite simply, a licensed and insured drone videographer will deliver a higher quality product than one who does not have a license or insurance. You can assume with a level of certainty that the licensed drone operator has put a lot more time and effort into learning the skills necessary to pilot the aircraft. They have spent many hours flying and learning the best way to record video for different purposes. And they have the professionalism you need to ensure that your business is cast in the best light!

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