6 Critical Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing
Beef up your digital marketing strategy with these helpful approaches to getting your name out there.

Digital marketing is a key part of any marketing strategy in today’s economy. Keeping track of likes and shares is part of it, but so is SEO, content creation, emails, and more. Even if your company is small or has a small web presence, you can still borrow some digital marketing strategies from larger companies. Read on for six digital marketing ideas that you should consider tailoring to your brand this year.

Match The Buyer’s Journey

Remember that the product or service you’re marketing and how you’re marketing it needs to fit the stage of the buyer’s journey where your potential customer is. You don’t want to aim a hard sales ad at someone who is only at the awareness stage, instead you would need an awareness stage offer, like a recommended blog post.

Employ Consistent Design

When you launch a marketing campaign on multiple channels, be they many different social media platforms, email, or even in-store print marketing, be consistent. You should have a clear design that unifies all of the related marketing materials and ties everything together.

Have A Longterm Outlook

It is tempting to create posts and content that capture quick attention, and generate exciting spikes in views or engagement. This won’t help your sales or your brand longterm, however. Instead, tailor your campaigns to meet the longterm needs of your prospective customers. When your marketing is helpful and customer-centric, you get better longterm engagement and brand loyalty.

Write About More Than Your Product

When you’re developing content for your blog, do more than just write about your product. If someone is trying to get a feel for your company, this single-minded self focus might alienate them. When you know your target customer, you can also know and align your content to their interests to increase engagement with your brand as a whole.

Stay Flexible

Especially on social media, preferences constantly shift. Just because your target audience is glued to Instagram today, doesn’t mean that won’t change as they age and their needs change and grow. Be willing to recognize and embrace these shifts when they occur so that you can keep up with your target customer and meet them where they are.

Personalize Your Content

Whenever possible, personalize the content to the customer. This is a great way to build connections which in turn increase customer loyalty. Look at your current operations and marketing and see where there is potential for some personalized attention, like a curated shopping list based on past purchases or a unique coupon.

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