How Do I Improve My Google Ranking?

Google is the most popular search engine

Each year, it may seem as if the criteria changes for what will improve your SEO and Google ranking. However, there are a lot of ways that you can make sure your website ranks in the top tier. Today we’re going to share what they are and how you can improve your Google ranking. Keep reading!

Publish Content That People Want to Read About

We often stress this in our blogs, but it cannot be stressed enough. You should always produce high-quality content. Not only should the material be relevant, but it should be well-written and suited for your target audience. Even large enterprises have fallen short of ranking high. A low Google ranking is typical but ultimately fixable.

Focus on Voice Search

Voice search is eventually going to dominate SEO rankings, and you should prepare for that. How? The first thing that you can do is to make sure that your website loads quickly. It’s frustrating not to be able to access information quickly. Two, write the way that you speak. Keep phrases short and simple. Although you may be highly knowledgeable, a general audience should be able to understand it. Third, focus on local searches by adding terms like “near me.” 

Make Sure That Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

The highest-ranking websites are always desktop and mobile-friendly. When people are on the go, they should be able to access your content efficiently. A responsive website is best. A responsive website means that it can adjust to multiple screen sizes, not just phones, but tablets as well. 

Add Rich Snippets

When you search for a recipe on Google, a picture popped up along with a short description of that recipe. That is a rich snippet. Rich snippets can give people a quick insight into what your content or company is all about and improves your click-through rate.

Other Tips/Considerations

  1. A high Google rank takes time, so have patience. On average, it can take a year or more, even for large enterprises to rank high.
  2. Duplicate information is bad for business. Copying and pasting content (yes from your website) and adding it to new content hurts relevancy. Google won’t be able to decide which piece of content is most relevant when it appears in multiple places on the internet. 
  3. Lower your file image sizes and fix broken links. If not, your website will not be user-friendly and slow.
  4. Keywords matter. Whatever industry you’re in should always be mentioned in your content. For example,if you’re a deli, the word “deli” should always be mentioned a few times in your content. 

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