How to Grow Your Email List With Facebook


Facebook can be a hugely beneficial tool in getting your email marketing campaign off the ground.

Of all of the social media channels that a business can have, Facebook may be one of the most critical. It has tons of hidden uses and features, many of which really cater to business owners promoting their company. This is especially important for business owners who drive their product reach through direct email marketing campaigns. Building a solid list of your customer’s emails can be a fantastic way to stay in touch with them. Facebook can actually be an amazing tool in helping build your email list to reach even more people.

Using Sign-Up Forms

There are apps out there, including the Join Our Mailing List App, which is used to collect email addresses easily. They are automatically added to your list within something like a Constant Contact account so you’ll be able to gather emails quickly and easily. It’s easy to add onto your Business Page, and allows for customization of the form with logos and a quick introduction so your customers know what they’re getting by signing up.

Use Your Theme

The great part about driving traffic to your Facebook page is that it can be so visual. Your cover photo is the first thing people will see, so you can include information on how to sign up for your email newsletter on your cover photo itself. Make it enticing for potential customers: what do they get for signing up and why should they both?

The Call to Action Button

Facebook’s call-to-action feature is a button that shows up near the “Like” button on top of your cover photo. It’s a great way to add an easy-to-find button that lets people sign up quickly and easily. Your “Sign Up” button will allow people to join your mailing list with ease.


A fun way to engage with your audience and potential customers is to run contests. Have them sign up for your email list and pick a winner at random to receive a product or some kind of raffle prize! Everyone will gladly add their names to another email list if it means free stuff, and they eventually be converted into potential sales.

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