Why Does Your Business Need a Website and Social Media?

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2017 presents us with many social media opportunities that your business needs to take advantage of if you want to keep up with your competitors.

You might do most of your networking in the real world, to the point that you don’t really see the point in a website or social media.  It’s easy to fall into this mindset, especially if you didn’t grow up in an era where the internet was king.  Even if you think you have enough business, however,  an internet presence is important and necessary.  2017 presents us with many social media opportunities that your business needs to take advantage of if you want to keep up with your competitors.  Are you still under the impression that you don’t need a website or a social media marketing plan?  Read on.



It’s one thing to have a lot of clients, or to feel like you’re overworked.  However, part of keeping yourself at this level of work is maintaining your reputation.  The best way to do this is through social media.  Not only is it vital that you appear active and engaged with your customers, it’s equally as important to give your clients the ability to write down a review.  With five star reviews on either Facebook or Google+, you immediately put yourself on the competitive board with alike businesses.  And, this also gives you a chance to ask your unsatisfied clients what they were unhappy with, for both the learning experience and the appearance of clear and concise interaction.




These days, all professional, high-end businesses keep their status as experts within the marketing field by having an online presence.  You’ll notice that larger companies such as Microsoft or Apple have wide-reaching social media sites and in-depth websites.  As you can imagine, these companies don’t really need a huge influx of business, because they have the monopoly on the industry.  But, in order to keep their appearance of professionalism, they need to hone an online presence to keep their customers happy.  The same applies to your business, however small.


Instant Updates


Are you out of the office on Friday?  Is there a holiday special coming up?  Social media allows you to immediately alert your customers and clients of this development.  Not only does this make them aware of special offers or events, it also makes sure they aren’t left wondering when you’re on vacation or something of the sort.  Keep customers in-the-know with a social media marketing strategy, and you’re sure to come out on top.


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