How to Define Your Success By Using Social Media

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Success through social media is a complicated thing. In order to understand how to measure it, you should take a loot at a few of these key aspects

So, you’ve made your Facebook page, and your Twitter account is up and running.  You’ve finally started your social media presence, and it’s all coming together.  However, you may be discouraged–your follower count is staying on or about zero,  and you’re confused why your social media presence isn’t booming.  Success through social media is a complicated thing.  In order to understand how to measure it, you should take a loot at a few of these key aspects.


It Takes Time


Patience is a virtue, right?  Likewise, your social media presence will not gain incredible attention overnight–most likely, not even within the first few weeks.  This is because, to have a solid and tangible social media presence, you need to build a community.  A strong community comes from frequent interaction and relevant posting.  It takes time to be able to build this kind of connection with your customers.  Frequent and relevant interaction is important.


Success is Sales


Are you making more money with your business than you were before you started a social media campaign?  Because this is the biggest and easiest way to measure success.  People need to be discussing your business in a positive light outside of the internet, and this comes from a relevant and optimistic interaction online.  Unrelated videos of cats that achieve 10,000 likes might get your page viewed, but your content isn’t reaching the right people.  If you sell fences, you need to appeal to people who are looking to buy fences–not people who are looking for cat videos.  Judge your success by how many people are interacting with organic posts; blog posts, community event reminders, and so forth are great ways to measure how many people are interested in your content.


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