5 Techniques for Creating Shareable Content

create shareable content

Follow these techniques to create shareable content and earn more fans.

When you post a new blog or news item on your website and to your social media channels, you want to make sure that content is shareable. If your readers feel compelled to share and discuss your content with others, this can drive significantly more traffic to your website, boost your stats, and grow your audience. However, social shares are much more difficult to earn than you may think. So, how can you increase the likelihood that fans will share your content online? The following five techniques can help you create highly shareable content. 

Select the Right Topics

First, the topic of your blogs will play a significant role in whether people want to share them. You can use tools like Google Trends to identify trending topics, or Buzzsumo to find topics that have performed well on social media. Additionally, you can analyze your website statistics to see what previous articles have performed well. 

You should also consider any emotional response your content may provoke. Research has found that shareable content is more often content that makes readers laugh or feel inspired. 

Use Shareable Formats

Blogs can be written in various formats, including lists, how-to pieces, infographics, and more. However, some of these are more likely to be shared than others. Infographics often get the highest number of shares, followed by listicles. “Why” posts, which explain or offer context for various topics, are the third-most shareable content. 

Consider Your Industry 

Certain article formats will perform better in specific industries. For instance, long-form listicle articles often work well with tech or home blogs, while how-to articles get most often shared in the food and hospitality industries. This indicates that you should always keep the trends of your industry in mind as you plan your content. 

Write an Excellent Headline

Your headlines are nearly as important as your content, so it is essential to take the time to craft compelling headlines. People often decide whether or not to click on an article based entirely on the headline. And if they don’t click, they won’t share. A few basic things to remember when crafting your headline are: 

  • Include numbers or data in the title
  • Grab attention by being unique, urgent, or useful
  • Use “power words,” that pack an emotional punch
  • Avoid confusing words and phrasing

Include Images and Video

High-quality and relevant visuals can make your blog posts much more appealing for social sharing. Social media sites will use your blog’s main photo as a thumbnail, so you will want to make that photo especially engaging. Videos are also increasingly popular among social media users. 

Following these five techniques for crafting shareable content will significantly increase the likelihood of your content being shared on social media, and your website finding more fans. 

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