Benefits of a Company LinkedIn Page

Benefits of a Company LinkedIn Page

Showcase your business with a company LinkedIn page!

Businesses without a company LinkedIn page could be missing out on some valuable marketing opportunities. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the owner of a small business or a large company, your business can benefit from a company page. LinkedIn company pages perform different functions from personal pages, in that they are designed specifically for businesses.

In order to create a LinkedIn page for your company, you must use an email address from your company. From there, you can assign page admins to help you with managing your LinkedIn page. It is important to note that admins have full privileges on the page. This includes posting, settings, and adding and removing other admins.

Showcase Your Whole Company, Not Just One Employee

LinkedIn was built on the creation of individual profiles, but these were made to showcase individual users. A LinkedIn company page allows you to show the abilities of your company as a whole.

Unlike with a personal LinkedIn page, your Company’s LinkedIn page is automatically visible to the public. Anything your company shares on that page is visible to the entire world wide web, which effects your company’s SEO score. Sharing keyword rich content from your company’s web site on the company LinkedIn page will increase your company’s presence on the web.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Posts

For every update you post on your company LinkedIn page, you will be provided with analytics. These analytics will tell you:

  • How many times your post has been seen by someone
  • How many times your pose was clicked on
  • The number of likes, comments, and shares your post has received

When you post on a personal LinkedIn page, you can see how many likes and comments a post generates, but personal LinkedIn pages are not analyzed to the degree that company LinkedIn pages are.

Know When People Are Talking About Your Business

LinkedIn has a “notifications” feature for your business page, just like it has for your personal one. This feature will notify you whenever someone mentions your company in their personal LinkedIn status update.

Whenever someone types your company’s name into their post, LinkedIn will display a menu that will allow the person typing to tag your company’s page. Not only do you get to know when people are talking about your business, but other LinkedIn users will then have the opportunity to click on the direct link to your company LinkedIn page.

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