3 Features Every Business Website Should Have

Business Website

Your business website might be the most important asset in your marketing strategy.

Your company’s website may be your biggest marketing tool–it’s an initial source for many customers to get information as to what your company does and what services or products you offer. Your business website should attract traffic, convert them into new customers, and maintain a clean and friendly user experience. Of course, nailing the right aesthetic is a huge part of having an appealing website. There are also 3 features that every business website needs to have if it wants to be successful.

1. Easy Navigation

It should be clear to your users what exists on your website. Can they get to the services you offer easily? Can they find a way to contact you easily? Think of your business website as a map. They should be able to find their destination easily and clearly. This is why a “less is more” approach might be the best way to design your website. Simple drop down menus are an easy way to encourage your users to explore the parts of your website they want and will offer them all the information they may be seeking.

2. Contact Page

It’s okay to try to direct your customers to contact you in certain ways, say if you have a preference for phone contact rather than email. Nonetheless, you need a contact page or contact form. Your business should be as accessible as possible. Not only should communication be clearly outlined, but it should also be available through as many channels as possible. The more ways you have to communicate with potential customers, the more business you can potentially reel in.

3. Mobile-Friendly Design

Many people are accessing the web through mobile devices such as phones or tablets. If you’ve ever visited a website that isn’t mobile friendly, you know how frustrating it can be to try to navigate those pages. Many users won’t even give your website a chance if it isn’t mobile-friendly and doesn’t work how it is meant to on their device. Be sure to make your website mobile-friendly if you want your business to have as wide of a reach as possible!

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