2 Things You Need to Do to Increase Your Local SEO

Local SEO

Local businesses need to make it a priority to increase their local SEO by doing these two things.

While getting to the top of Google’s rankings for keywords is important in general, it is absolutely critical for local businesses to maximize their local SEO. The goal of maximizing local SEO is to rank well for your home area – for example, if you’re a plumber in Baltimore, you would want to rank high on Google for the keywords “Baltimore Plumber”. Local SEO can sometimes become more of an art than a science – it’s not quite as simple as placing some geographic keywords on your website or blog anymore (though that is, of course, an important component). However, there are two tangible things in particular that all businesses need to do if they want to truly maximize their local SEO.

1. Make Your Business Easy to Find

One of the easiest ways to increase your local SEO is to make your business easy to find in the real world. You do want your potential leads to be able to find you, right? Your website needs to facilitate this by featuring maps, driving and public transit directions, and telephone numbers. Pictures of your physical location should also be featured – in the case of some businesses such as home contractors, pictures of your work should also be displayed. When you make your business easy to find and contact, you invite potential customers to reach out and increase the chances that they will accept this invitation.

2. Work on Your Reputation Online

Today’s customers are savvy and like to gather as much information as they can about products or businesses before they decide to work with one. So just because they found your business on Google doesn’t mean they will necessarily work with you – after all, your competitors are trying to attract them as well! Reviews and testimonials are another important tool in your arsenal for this very reason. A business with great reviews from your existing customer base can convince potential future customers to work with you as well. Since Google bases its algorithms and search rankings on authority, this can also have a positive impact on your local SEO efforts, further driving potential business to your company.

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