6 Of the Best Social Listening Tools

the best social listening tools

Explore the best social listening tools and what each can do for your business.

Social listening may sound strange, but it is an essential component of effective business marketing. Social listening tools can give you access to what people are saying about your brand, industry, or even your competitors, across social media. There are various programs out there that can help you “listen in” and know how to address your audience more effectively. Below are six of the best social listening tools your company can use. 


This relatively affordable social listening tool can listen in to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, along with news, blogs, and the web. It can do many things, including detecting plagiarized copies of your content, linkless brand mentions, and new backlinks to your site. Awario also includes “Leads,” which is a tool that uses predictive insights to find people who are asking for recommendations for a product or service like yours. 


If you aren’t yet ready to invest in social listening tools that stand on their own, you can try Agorapulse, which combines social scheduling with social monitoring. This tool can listen in on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and has several useful functions. It can find “@mentions” of your accounts in comments and posts and allow you to search for keywords across Twitter. It can also help you identify influencers within your audience who could be excellent brand ambassadors. Agorapulse is best for companies primarily interested in monitoring social mentions. 


TweetDeck is one of the best free social listening tools but is only for Twitter. It is the brand’s official social media dashboard that lets you manage your business’ Twitter presence. This can be especially helpful if you have multiple accounts to which you regularly post. The tool enables you to create a layout that can include various feeds, including trending posts, direct messages, and mentions of any selected keywords. 


Keyhole also lets you combine social scheduling and monitoring. It can be used with Twitter and Instagram and can track keywords or hashtags across those social platforms. You can also monitor brand mentions in news and blog posts. This tool also includes analytics, which can help you determine critical metrics for your social marketing. 


Mention focuses on real-time search, allowing you to set up an alert that gives you results from the past 24 hours. Mention also lets you discover Twitter and Instagram influencers, and use the Insights Center for building custom reports. This social listening tool also includes a Slack integration perfect for those companies who communicate with team members by the Slack app. 


Brandwatch is one of the best social listening tools for analytics, but it is also one of the more expensive options. Brandwatch can offer image recognition, demographic data, trending topics, and a dashboard that can be easily exported into PowerPoint presentations. This tool is compatible with many social media networks and best for high-level companies. 

Ultimately, remember that social listening isn’t worth it if you aren’t going to act on the data you acquire. Make use of the features of social listening tools to increase your audience engagement and build your audience successfully. 

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