5 Web Design Trends to Avoid adventure web interactive

5 Web Design Trends to Avoid

5 Web Design Trends to Avoid adventure web interactive

Some web design trends intended to make a website unique or captivating can actually have the opposite effect.

If you have a website for your business, you know how important it is to design your site with your customers in mind. However, some web design trends intended to make a website unique or captivating can actually have the opposite effect. Poor web design can turn customers off of your site altogether. Trends come and go, and the components you include in your website can mean the difference between gaining and losing business opportunities. Here are some web design trends you should avoid.

Using Too Many Stock Images

Stock photos may look nice and are much easier to acquire than taking your own images, but authentic images will perform much better in the long run. It is a good idea to replace stock photos with original photos that represent your brand’s content and personality. If you sell products, you should have pictures of your products on your website for customers to see.

Poorly Designed Landing Pages

When a consumer searches for your business or services online, the resulting landing page should direct them to their requested information. If they land on an irrelevant page that requires them to click deeper into the site, you may be losing valuable traffic by wasting your most important content. Make sure the essential information is easier to find, and any visitors will be easier to convert into a customer. 

Popup Windows

The majority of consumers find popups annoying. It is true that popups are good for conversions and getting people on your email list. But are you willing to sacrifice customer experience for the possibility of adding a few more people to your mailing list? Consider if having popup windows is worth it. If it is, make sure they are easy to close and do not pop up multiple times.

One-Page Design

One-page websites with parallax scrolling effects seem attractive due to their visual appeal and interactive user experience. However, they can be frustrating since continuously scrolling isn’t user-friendly, and the multiple layers of images and animations can lead to slow load times. This is especially true on a mobile device, as it takes even longer to navigate the site’s content. One-page websites are also bad for SEO, as there is no internal linking between pages on your site.

Sliders in Web Headers

Sliders have been popular in web headers. They provide a variety of information with multiple calls to action. However, these images can push your main content down the page, which negatively affects your SEO. They also slow down your site and don’t work well for mobile optimization. Users are more likely to ignore the sliders because it is too much information to digest.

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