5 Tips for an Effective Call to Action

call to action

Learn how to create an effective call to action, or CTA, for your website.

A CTA is your “call to action” for your website. This element is designed to inspire visitors to your website to take further action. That action can include contacting your business with questions, browsing the site further, following your social accounts, or subscribing to a newsletter. A smart CTA button can raise your conversion levels significantly. Of course, a successful website also needs high-quality content and a strong user experience, but with an excellent call to action, your website can make quite an impact. The following principles are smart guidelines for designing your CTA appearance and placement. 

Your Call to Action Placement Matters

Traditionally, marketers have placed CTA buttons “above the fold” on landing pages, which is visible without a user needing to scroll. This is still often a best practice, but it isn’t your only option. Some other areas with high conversation potential include: 

  • At the end of each blog post
  • In a sidebar
  • In a welcome pop-up message
  • Within a long blog post
  • In an email newsletter

Consider the user experience when placing your CTAs and look for a placement that will be noticeable but not disruptive to the experience. 

Make the CTA a Button

A call to action button should be immediately recognizable to your website visitors as something on which they can click. You can experiment with the best design for your website, but to be identifiable as a button, the CTA should include the following traits: 

  • A defined shape or color
  • A contrasting color to the web page
  • Visible text that invites the reader to take action

Write Copy That Stands Out

The text in your call to action should create a sense of urgency in your web visitors, and encourage them to sign up, download, or register for whatever relevant offers you have. Optimizing your copy can help inspire your visitors to click your buttons. High-performing CTA copy often includes phrases such as: 

  • Keep In Touch
  • Join the Community
  • Let’s Talk
  • I Want to Learn More

Make Sure the Size is Right

A large CTA will stand out on a web page, but it doesn’t guarantee higher conversion. An enormous CTA could be ignored because of a user-experience phenomenon known as “banner blindness.” Tiny buttons, however, could be difficult for mobile users to click. In general, any clickable elements on your website should be at least 44×44 pixels for mobile users. 

Test Your Results

The best way to determine if any changes to your call to action are raising your conversion rates is to monitor the effect of each change. Pay attention to how color, copy, size, and placement affect your rates. 

Understanding how to best present your users with a CTA can help you generate more leads with your website, and a more successful business or brand overall. 

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