How to End a Blog Post and Keep Readers Engaged

how to end a blog post and keep readers engaged

End a blog post with a compelling summary, CTA, and a challenge to the audience to increase reader engagement.

As a blog writer, you know the importance of beginning your blog post with a hook to catch readers’ interest. You also understand that transitioning into a body that’s full of compelling information is just as vital for retaining the attention of your readers. But without a good summary, call-to-action, or a final challenge posed to readers, your blog may be quickly forgotten, and your readers may be unlikely to return in the future. Crafting an engaging, memorable conclusion that provokes further engagement with your blog or business is critical for a successful blog. Follow the three steps below to learn how to end a blog post effectively. 

Write a Smart Summary

An effective summary will end a blog post with a recap of the main ideas in the post, or with a conclusion drawn for the reader. The summary helps your audience know that they’ve understood your post, and is an excellent opportunity to reinforce your most important points. 

When writing your summary, consider the tone you want to strike and whether it fits with what your audience wants. For instance, if you are writing about your journey towards accomplishing a goal, you may want to strike a motivational tone. 

A helpful tip is to remember to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. How do you want them to feel after reading your post? What will they want to learn from the summary? 

End a Blog Post with an Effective CTA

A call to action placed at the end of a blog post can be anything from a link to sign up for a newsletter, an invitation to join a community or your business’s contact information. The purpose of a CTA is to get readers to engage further with your brand. The form your CTA takes depends on what actions you want your readers to take. 

Finish with a Question or Challenge

Choosing to end a blog post with a question or challenge posed to the readers is an effective way to spark discussion on or with your site. You can ask your readers if they agree or disagree with a point, or ask their opinion about an issue raised. Or, you could propose a challenge for your readers to accomplish that’s related to your topic of the week. By ending your blog post with something to inspire action in your readers, you increase the likelihood of regular readership and audience engagement. 

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