5 Metrics that Matter for Your Social Media Campaign

5 Metrics that Matter for Your Social Media CampaignSocial media marketing has taken over the business world in a massive way. About 77% of businesses now use social media as a part of their marketing efforts. Social media has allowed companies to tap into so many new audiences and markets. If you’re one of these companies, how can you tell if social media is working out for your business and driving sales/engagements? It’s easy to get lost when you’re just tracking likes and followers, as these numbers don’t always translate into success. Here are five metrics you should keep track of in your social media marketing campaigns.

Begin with Your Goals

There are many data points for you to track. Instead of looking at them all, you want to look at the ones that are the most relevant to your company’s goals. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Then track mentions and engagements. Sales from Social Media? Then look at website traffic and conversions. Define your goals to be able to determine the most critical metrics.

Website Traffic

Your website traffic measures the number of clicks you get from your social media accounts. You can get this metric from Google Analytics and other social media analytics software. This is key because you’ll be able to learn which social channels are driving more interest in your company.


Website traffic is fantastic, but you also want to be able to track the percentage of traffic that takes place on your site. Your website should be set up to drive a specific action, whether that’s to book a call, sign up for an email list, or make a purchase. You can also set this up with Google Analytics.

Customer Service Inquiries

Companies are now turning to social media much more often to solve customer service problems. People now voice their frustrations online, and it’s up to your company to respond to them. The amount of customer service queries your brand gets is a sign that people have trust that you’ll react. You should track the number of queries that come in and the time that it takes to respond and solve those queries. These metrics matter because, with excellent customer service, you build much better brand loyalty.

Bounce Rate

Let’s say that you’re running a campaign to drive traffic to your site. It’s working because you’re gaining a lot of traffic. However, you learn that people aren’t staying on your website. There could be a bunch of reasons why that’s the case. But if people aren’t staying on the site, it’s related to the user experience. Look for issues and answers. Your site’s load time might be driving customers away, or your content doesn’t match the customer’s expectations. Find out the problems and fix them so your customers will be pleased once they’re on your website.

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