5 Huge Problems Facing Social Media in 2020

5 Huge Problems Facing Social Media in 2020Now that we’re entering a new decade, we should evaluate the current state of social media. There are a handful of reasons that people are “breaking up with their phones” or quitting social media altogether. These are some of the toxic parts of the new online world. As businesses, we require social media to be relevant and stay within the eyes of the consumer. However, some lines could also be crossed if you are not careful. Here’s a couple of issues that are erupting every day on the web.

Too Much Content Available

Have you ever heard of the “endless scroll?” people become obsessed with regularly checking their social media feeds, and companies are always posting ads, photos, blogs, questions, and podcasts. The human brain can go through some real fatigue even without the added visual stimulation of the real world. Lots of young people are being diagnosed with ADHD and other similar behavioral issues because of this content overload.

Jealousy and Stiff Competition

With photoshopped and edited images everywhere, it’s no wonder that the statistics for loneliness, self-esteem, depression, and suicides are all on the rise. Unfortunately, plenty of companies are taking advantage of this and posting envy-worthy bodies and lifestyles on social media to make an easy buck of those with low self-esteem.

Cancel Culture

This is a relatively recent phenomenon for social media users, where many are now “called out” for their past transgressions. In some cases, its great – like with the #MeToo movement and other similar movements for targeting genuinely awful people in positions of power. However, this trend is also negatively affecting people as well. A good amount of these “cancellations” were incorrect factually but already ruined someone’s reputation forever. Does cancel culture mean you aren’t allowed to make mistakes? We’re all human, and we’re bound to make mistakes, no matter how careful you are.

Not Fact-Checking Enough

“Fake news” is just about everywhere now, and sometimes people can’t tell the difference. Of course, Facebook and other platforms are attempting to mitigate the issues, trying to stop conspiracy theories or forcing articles to go through fact checks before they’re posted. However, it’s still a big problem with social media that, in some cases, can cause a massive political upheaval.

Diagnosis Without Real Experience

This isn’t just medical. It also calls upon other service industries too. Suddenly, everyone online is a doctor, dietitian, or plumber from watching a YouTube tutorial video, when in reality, we know most expert work comes from years of hands-on experience and training. This can lead to many real-life issues, so next time you try to self-diagnose yourself for a disease online, double-check your sources.

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