4 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Business

4 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Business

Although Pinterest might not seem as visible as other social media channels, it is actually highly popular.

Although Pinterest might not seem as visible as other social media channels, it is actually highly popular. Here are some ways to take advantage of the unique features on Pinterest and help your business grow.

Link Back to Your Main Website

Before focusing on anything else, take a moment to think about your company’s website. How will you redirect viewers who come across the saved pin on Pinterest? The answer is simple: use a backlink that will take viewers back to particular sections of your main website. Also, you can use the pin to engage with your audience by asking them a question, running a short poll, or giving more information about a post that they found.

Create a Separate Account

It’s tempting to set up your Pinterest and make it your personal account. That way, you can give your customers another chance to connect with you. But for some businesses, such as grocery stores or larger digital marketing firms, this could be impractical. Instead, what you’ll want to do is build an account focused on your business. This account should emphasize the services and products you offer, give links to particular points of interest on your main page (as discussed above) show what you’ve pinned lately, and most important of all, provide a subscription or follow button.

Integrate the Save Button

You might have seen website designs with a panel of social media icons embedded somewhere on the front page of the site. Through these icons, you can link users, viewers, and visitors to your various social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. Did you know you can also add the Pinterest save button to your site?

Consider What’s Popular

You’ll also need to consider what is currently popular on Pinterest. Using higher quality images are much more aesthetically pleasing and likely to capture the attention of more visitors. Choose cheerful, brighter images, as they are more likely to be pinned and re-pinned multiple times. And although this may sound strange, avoid using faces in the images that you pin. These images tend to get pinned more often.

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