5 Basic Facebook Tips Every Marketer Should Know


Take advantage of these Facebook basics and step up your social media marketing game today.

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there for businesses small and large alike. It’s one of the oldest, largest social media platforms and due to its age and functionality, it comes bundled with a lot of confusing algorithms that determine how you interact with your audience. Since Facebook is such a robust platform after all, it can be overwhelming for marketers and small businesses to determine what strategies work best. For best results with Facebook, give these basic tips a shot.

1. Fully Fleshed Out Profiles

There are a few steps in setting up a Facebook page but you want to make sure yours is optimized for success. Use a simple username or vanity URL so that anyone can find who you are. Take advantage of a video cover, which can be up to 20 seconds, are another way of making a profile complete. Double check to ensure you have the basics including an address, relevant contact info, and what your operating hours are.

2. Showcase Your Work

An administration has the ability to pin a post at the top of your business page, which is a great way of honing focus in on some of your best work. This is especially relevant for any industry that benefits from visuals, from remodeling to car detailing, as you have an opportunity to let an image that really shines for what it is stand out from all your other content.

3. Writing Concise Content

It’s best to keep your Facebook posts short—in fact, less than 80 characters is ideal. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, but generally Facebook content does best if you keep it to few words and use photos or videos where appropriate.  

4. Schedule Posts Out

Coming up with content on a whim is difficult. Instead, try planning your content out early on. This can be done by setting up a content calendar and planning out what gets posted when. You also want to take advantage of the Facebook settings that allow you to schedule posts ahead of time so you can be sure you don’t miss the mark and post something on the wrong day.

5. Keep Up Your Response Rate

It’s important that your customers and other contacts recognize you as someone who is reachable and open to talking. One such avenue is through Facebook Messenger, which is an important way for businesses to communicate with their audience directly. You can even set up a bot to automatically reply—keeping up that response rate and letting folks know that you care about what they have to say.

Social Media Tips From Adventure Web Interactive

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