4 Ways Google Analytics Can Benefit Your Business Web Site

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for businesses to analyze their site traffic.

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for businesses to analyze their site traffic. It allows you to boost your SEO, web site traffic, and business. The goal of your company’s web site is to put the word out about your business, to keep repeat customers and hopefully bring in new customers. So how does Google Analytics accomplish all of this?

No-Cost Site Analysis

Possibly one of the best things about Google Analytics is that it’s totally free! This service is totally web-based and you don’t need to purchase or subscribe to anything to use it. There is a wide range of web site analysis tools available, all at no cost to you. You do need to have a Google account to use the service, and that is free as well.

Where Are the Visitors Coming From?

Whether your web site traffic is coming from a link from another site, paid advertisements, search engines, or from just typing the URL into a browser, Google Analytics can tell you. This can give you quite a bit of insight into the effectiveness of your ad campaign, among other things. Knowing where your web site traffic is coming from allows you to make adjustments to your marketing plan in order to reach more people.

Keyword Performance

Google Analytics can also break down your keyword usage and tell you how well your pages will rank in a search engine based on their keywords. This analysis can help you increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and ultimately drive more traffic to your web site based on the keywords that you use.

Popularity of Individual Pages

Google Analytics also gives you data about which of your web site’s pages are getting the most traffic. If you look at your analytics and see that a page isn’t really performing well, you can make adjustments so that it will get more traffic. This analysis can also help to give you ideas for future web site content.

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