3 Tips For Using Video In Your Marketing Strategy

As technology and the internet continue to evolve, you have to constantly shift how you are engaging an audience with your marketing strategy.  More and more organizations are taking creative actions to expand their brand with 61 percents of businesses using video marketing in 2016.  Creating and posting a video can lead to more hits on your website leading to potential customers investing in your product or service.  Although, you have to be careful when using video for marketing purposes because the public can misconstrue the message easily.  There are few tips you should follow when incorporating video into your marketing strategy.  

Length Matters

Your video might have an intriguing concept, but if it is too long viewers might not even want to click on it.   Today, people have incredibly short attention spans, so you have to create content to please your audience.  You should craft a message packing all the essential information, including a call to action, in a condensed video.  The average person is always on the go, so they should be able to watch your video quickly on their way to work and be entertained and informed at the same time.  

Customer Testimonials

A concept every company should incorporate in their marketing videos are customer testimonials.  It is critical that your audience knows your product or service is worth spending money, and the best way to do so is through current customers.  A customer testimonial will provide prospective customer that your work is high-quality and your provide excellent service.  People read reviews anyway before investing their money in a company, so it is best that they hear reviews in video form.  

Behind The Scenes

Videos are a great way to show your current customers an inside look into your company culture.  Connect with your target audience by showing how your business run and how you are a successful company.  Consumers want to know who is exactly creating their favorite products or services.  


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