3 Tips for Utilizing Hashtags

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Using the right hashtags can help raise awareness and increase the visibility of your company.

The pound sign has now become something else – the hashtag. No matter what social media network you are using to promote your products or services, using the right hashtags can help raise awareness and increase the visibility of your company, helping to drive up leads. Here are some tips for creating smarter hashtags.

Be Specific

First of all, you will want to be as specific as possible. If you know what your target audience cares about, your hashtags will have more success. If for instance, you are in charge of social media posts for a radio station or record label, using music-related hashtags can help you ensure your social media contests reach more listeners. This means that you’ll have much more fan involvement, especially when it comes to tickets for the major music festivals that go on all summer long.

Keep It Simple

Don’t get too complicated. In fact, when it comes to crafting more effective hashtags, it’s much better to keep it simple. If your hashtag is too long, no one will want to search for it. Think of hashtags as a simpler way to dig through a search engine – sometimes, shorter is better. You don’t want to be too broad or too narrow. It’s also a good idea to avoid overusing the hashtags in your message – too much information can be as off-putting as not enough.

Target the Network

Depending on which social media channel you are using, you’ll have to rethink the hashtags you want to use. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have their own guidelines for how to make the most of the hashtags you’re trying to come up with. Finding the most popular hashtags will also help – you can’t market properly without doing the necessary market research. You can always refine the hashtags you are using – on a daily or weekly basis is best – to get a better sense of what your customers are looking for and what you can do to serve them better.


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