3 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses to Get Started With

Social Media

Social media marketing is critical for small businesses these days, but it’s not always clear as to how you should start.

There was a time when the majority of companies who took advantage of social media were the ones large enough to do so—they already had enough employees and seats to hire on a full-time marketing person and help get their name out there. Nowadays, it’s important for every business, no matter the scale, to work with new forms of marketing. Working with social media can feel overwhelming, especially when you want to focus on what you actually do for a living instead of having to worry about making your business visible. Working with the social media team here at Adventure Web Interactive is a fantastic option, but if you want to try to learn more about what small businesses can do with the various platforms out there, read on!

1. Pick Your Platforms

There are a lot of social media channels out there—and not all of them are going to work well for you. While it’s perfectly fine to spread out your presence and use as many of them as possible, this really only works if you have the time and energy to actually consistently use them all.

If this isn’t an approach that’s right for you, you might want to pair it down to the most useful platforms for you. Facebook works for just about everyone, whereas if you have a younger audience, Twitter stands out as being important. For any industry with a very visual product or service, Instagram and Pinterest are both worth looking into.

2. Think About Your Audience

It’s good to know who you’re actually marketing to. For starters, just think about what the typical demographic that you work with is—and if there’s a demographic you’re missing out on that you want to better reach.

3. Create Relationships

One of the largest benefits of social media marketing is the ability to directly communicate with your customers, followers, and anyone who may have an interest in you and what you do. That direct line of communication is massively beneficial, but you must make it clear that you want people to interact with you. Just make sure you’re doing your best to engage with people and make long-lasting relationships.

Social Media Tips From Adventure Web Interactive

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