3 Social Media Trends Dominating 2017 So Far

Social Media Trends in 2017

The increasing importance of the mobile platform is one of the social media trends we’ve been watching so far this year.

Marketing experts know just how much social media can change in a short period of time. From new features and changes in algorithms to the ever-evolving relationship between consumers and businesses, staying on top of the game can be challenging. However, taking a step back and looking at the big picture, we can notice a few social media trends that have been dominating the year so far and that we expect to continue in the near future. Here are three of those social media trends we’ve noticed.

1. Mobile Continues to Grow in Importance

Mobile has been growing for years and many people assume that we’ve mostly completed the transition away from desktop computers. In reality, we’re still undergoing this transition, and the proof lies in Facebook’s continued emphasis on mobile development. It’s no surprise that Facebook is doing so since 80% of its total revenue comes from mobile advertising. And experts predict that mobile’s share of total media ad spending across the board will rise from 24% to 37%.

2. Video Rules

We expect that video will continue its upward trend as the year progresses. Facebook has already changed its algorithms to emphasize video, been aggressively promoting its “Facebook Live” streaming service, and multiple executives have even hinted that the platform aims to be “all video” in the next five years. Other social platforms are also emphasizing video – Twitter has fully integrated its Periscope live streaming application into the base app and Instagram’s “Story” feature is clearly influenced by the pioneering work of Snapchat.

3. Audience Age is Trending Up

Social media used to be associated with the youth, but that’s no longer necessarily the case anymore. On Facebook, a majority – 53% – of its user base are aged 35 and up. Twitter also has a relative even split between the younger and older user base. On the other hand, social media platforms that have emphasized the visual – Instagram and Snapchat – remain dominated by younger users, though this is expected to change in the near future.

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