3 New Facebook Ad Features You Should Become An Expert In


Mastering Facebook is easier than you think!

Just like Google, Facebook is constantly evolving and changing for the better. In fact, implementing new features is a great way for Facebook to broaden their viewership. Just recently, Facebook launched three new ad features that can help your business grow. Here are the three new Facebook ad features that you should master today.

New Dynamic Ad Features

Facebook first came out with dynamic ad features back in 2015. However, recently they have updated the program to better your business. These updated dynamic ad features will allow advertisers to broaden their reach to people who have been on the hunt for a specific product that is similar to the one on the ad platform. Basically, let’s say your company sells red rain boots, you now have the ability to target people looking for that specific product on other retail websites.

Video Advertisements Are On Their Way

Although Facebook is still testing this feature out, it has great promise. In fact, Facebook is looking into allowing video content creators the opportunity to add videos into ads that are more than the standard 90 seconds. In turn, using video marketing can cause a dramatic increase in website traffic for your business. However, the flip side is that now more than ever video content creators will need to provide their audience with enticing and stimulating content to really be successful.

Two-Page Newsfeed Product Ads

Offering retailers the opportunity to put as many products as possible on an ad is something retailers desire. In fact, this two-click process works seamlessly for your brand. All a business needs to do is place a main ad image or video with similar products below. When an individual clicks the advertisement, they are directed to a second page that easily shows them similar products they can choose from. This is a great feature for many retailers who want to show massive amounts of their catalog to shoppers.

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