5 Tips to Build Up Your Likes on Facebook

Facebook Likes

Build up your likes on your company Facebook page to engage your current customers and attract new ones!

Facebook is all about the power of connection and a savvy business is able to use that power to build connections with their customers and potential leads. Your customers and potential customers are already on Facebook, which now boasts a user base of nearly 2 billion monthly active users, or one-third of the entire world population! If you’re struggling to connect with your customers and build up the number of likes your company page has on Facebook, it can be challenging. Don’t give up! Here are 5 things you should check out and do on your current page to help you get more likes!

1. Vanity URL

Once you reach 25 likes on Facebook, you are given the option to create a vanity URL, which is a custom website address for your company page. Take advantage of this opportunity! It will make telling your current and potential customers about your Facebook page a lot easier and also helps your Facebook page rank in organic Google searches.

2. Pick a Cover and Profile Picture

Your cover and profile photos will be huge components of your Facebook branding. Likes will be easier to come by if your visitors are easily able to identify your brand on your Facebook page. A common practice is to use your company logo as a profile picture and an image that helps tell the story of your business as the cover photo.

3. Adding Milestones

Facebook allows users to add personal milestones as markers on their Timeline. Companies can add important events and milestones with this function to help tell the story of their brand. Make these milestones as visual and conspicuous as possible so your visitors will easily see them as they scan your page.

4. Ask Your Customers to Like Your Page

This is a no-brainer, but simply ask your current customers to like your page and see your likes increase! You can grow your fanbase as well by offering your visitors value, such as a coupon code, in return for liking your page.

5. Engage Your Fans with Quality Content

Content is the best way to attract and engage your audience. When your audience shares your engaging posts you’ll see your likes increase as a result. Post updates on a regular basis – 2-3 times a week should be the minimum goal. Respond to comments and questions posted on your page. And be your genuine self – it’s totally okay to showcase your personality on your company page within reasonable limits. Visitors will appreciate that they are interacting with a live human being!

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