3 Current Trends In Facebook Marketing

Creating Effective EngagementWhether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, it is essential that you are taking full advantage of social media especially Facebook.  The social media platform is constantly growing and is the perfect place to expand your brand.  If you haven’t already, you need to be posting content on Facebook constantly so that you can connect with your target audience.  Luckily, there are few trends you can follow so that you can improve your Facebook marketing strategy.

Going Live

One major Facebook marketing trend is live video, which is when people can interact with other through video in real time.  Going live on Facebook is a great opportunity for businesses to show consumers behind the scenes of daily operations. It is an effective way to connect with people and puts a face to your company.  Live video is perfect for any event that you are throwing, so people can have a chance to experience it.

Focus On GIFs

When it comes to Facebook marketing trends, it is crucial that you take advantage of visual content to engage your target audience.  GIFs have become increasingly popular lately because they can describe an emotion or activity in a short video. According to Forbes, the company Giphy has around 100 million users sending over 1 billion Gifs on a daily basis.  So, make sure you are taking advantage of GIFs when it comes to your Facebook ads.


If you have constant traffic to your page and messenger, it is smart to look into a chatbot for your account.  A chatbot is an automated messenger system that can answer general questions for consumers. You want to make sure that the chatbot you create is personalized and can answer several questions and inquiries well and professionally.

Adventure Web Interactive Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing

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