Why SEO Thrives With WordPress Websites

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Using SEO correctly is a hidden goldmine in terms of attracting internet-based customers.

Many business owners don’t realize how important SEO, or search engine optimization, is for any website. The way that most search engines operate is through picking up keywords it finds while running through billions of websites at once and finding the most relevant results. Relevancy usually equates to how many times that specific keyword or related keywords determined by an algorithm appear on the site. Unfortunately for the majority of business owners, search engines tend to work in their sponsor’s favor, making it hard for smaller mom-and-pop style businesses to rank. However, creating a website developed for SEO  through the WordPress source code allows for smaller businesses to fight back against big box brands. Adventure Web Interactive specializes in creating the highest quality, most effective SEO-based WordPress website designs in the Baltimore Area. Here’s how an SEO-oriented WordPress design can benefit your business’s website today.

SEO in the Source Code

One great feature of WordPress is that SEO can be incorporated right into the coding itself. Once keywords are identified, WordPress’s structure makes it easy for them to be added into the code in hidden ways that search engines can still pick up on without oversaturation. This is usually done by XML sitemaps, a WordPress specialty. A sitemap is a section of a website’s code that exists entirely for the purpose of picking up SEO keywords. It exists in the code so that when the search engine initially fires its billions of “bots” out into the world wide web looking for relevant results, your business’ website will be well prepared to have lots of great keywords pre-attached, without having them displayed directly on your website. This is a perfect way to achieve a higher search engine rank using SEO. 

User-Friendly SEO Tools

Once a website design is completed, there are plenty of features leftover that are easy to use even if you have very little web design knowledge. For instance, when writing SEO blogs for your business, WordPress provides the ability to change slugs (or the blog’s URL) the blog’s title and tagging the blogs that will all work together with popular keywords and make your website much more accessible to search engines. 

It Loads The Best

WordPress is also ideal for SEO since there are many attributes to the coding base that search engines love to rank, such as loading speed, CDNs, and SSLs to keep everything secure. A CDN, or content delivery network, hosts pieces of your website on several servers to make sure the SEO website loads as quickly as possible. An SSL is a feature that encrypts your website to maintain security, a crucial feature for all businesses. 

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