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Characteristics of High-Quality Web Design

adventure web interactive web design

The web design of your website is important for connecting with customers, so make sure it looks great!

First impressions are a huge deal, even when not in person. The concept still stands on the web. Let’s face it– if you’ve ever opened up a website and it’s clunky and hard to navigate, you likely won’t be spending too much time on the site. Our web design experts here at Adventure Web Interactive are committed to creating and developing the best website for your business that is easy to use and look at. With years of experienced professionals working on new sites every day, we strive to create only the highest-quality web design in the DMV area. But, to someone not so well versed in web design principles, what makes a web design so high quality? Here are a few principles of web design Adventure Web Interactive uses to craft high-quality, custom websites for our clients.

Emphasize Featured Content 

There are hundreds of clients we deal with on a daily basis, each with different needs and services. We take great care in finding out exactly what web design will work best for the client’s industry or sector and using that to the website’s advantage. For example, if you are a business offering fire restoration services, then an emphasis on the service area and an emergency contact number will be emphasized since this is the first thing customers will be looking for when landing on your site. Another great content creation of any website is occasional blogging. This not only shows potential customers that you are an active business, but it also can help keep them interested in your services. 

Keeping the Subject Clear

One common problem with poor web design is clutter. In a web design with too much to offer, the point of your website may be lost in the crowd. By keeping the design intricate but simple, customers will be easily able to identify what the purpose of your website (and business overall) is. For example, including a call to action on the homepage will help give the potential customer an idea of what products or services the business provides. 

Streamlined Navigation

There is nothing more frustrating in web design than long loading times and confusing layouts. This will make potential customers annoyed and impatient with your company if they cannot quickly find exactly what they are looking for. A correctly labeled dropdown menu is a good way to conserve space, as well as group all available categorized offerings into one convenient space. In terms of load times, the elimination of unnecessarily large images and script codes is very important to this form of web design as well. 

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