Why Implementing Responsive Web Design is Crucial

Implementing-Responsive-Web-Design As more and more visitors use their mobile phones to browse the internet, it is vitally important that business owners start implementing responsive design for their websites.  If you’ve ever tried to look something up on your phone and been shown an entire wide website in tiny print, you understand why responsive web design is essential for your business.  Responsive design optimizes the layout of each website page by screen width so that its key elements are easy to read on a desktop, cell phone or iPad.

Here are the top ten reasons why responsive web design is so essential to your business:

  1. Google Recommended– Google has announced plans to favor websites that are friendly to mobile users in 2015. It is estimated that over half of those who use smartphones are using these devices as their main access to the internet.
  2. Positive Experience– Companies want websites that will not only provide positive experiences for desktop users, but mobile users as well. You are less likely to have returning users if they are unable to navigate your site successfully on their mobile devices. A responsive web design ensures that all users have a positive experience, no matter what device they are using.
  3. Decrease Bounce Rates– Google ranks websites lower when they have a higher bounce rate because it is assumed the content is irrelevant. These bounce rates may instead be a reflection of the mobile user being unsuccessful in navigating a site, which is why responsive web design is essential for rankings.
  4. Maintenance Cost Cuts– Without responsive web design, companies are forced to pay for two different websites to ensure both desktop and mobile users have access to their site. However, with responsive web design, a company will only have to pay for one website that can be accessed by both parties successfully.
  5. Leg Up on Competition– There are plenty of companies who have failed to see the benefits of implementing a responsive website design for their site. This allows you the opportunity to engage and hook mobile users now, leaving your competition late to the party.
  6. SEO– Responsive web design will help boost your rankings in search engine optimization because of its accessibility to all users. This also translates to building authority for only one site instead of making an attempt with two.
  7. Adapting Easily– A responsive website design allows a site to be viewed easily on all devices, including desktops, cellphones, and tablets. As technology continues to evolve and more devices are released, your website will already be ready for mobile users.
  8. Sales– With so many users on the go, many consumers lack the time to sit at a desktop to shop. Your site will be more likely to pull in sales if mobile users are able to shop easily.
  9. Mobile Users– In the past years, website visits from mobile users has accounted for half of all website visits. If this trend continues, this number will only grow.
  10. Branding– Handling two different websites leaves room for inconsistent branding for your company, which could decrease your sales and reputation. Responsive web design ensures consistent branding at all times with only one website to maintain and manage.


Responsive Web Design with Adventure Web

Adventure Web Interactive is here to provide your business with a responsive web design that will help increase your rankings on Google as well as increase website traffic to your site. If you feel as though your business could benefit from a responsive web design, turn to the professionals of Adventure Web Interactive.


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