Why Busy Companies Should Outsource Blogs

Website owners naturally want to increase visitor traffic to their sites. It’s just intuitive that increasing the volume of interested visitors “dropping by” results in greater sales or conversions.

There was a time when just having a website online was enough to garner high traffic results and buzz.

But in today’s online world, with so businesses possessing an online presence, acquiring meaningful traffic requires much more effort.

The online ad network, Chitka, published research that showed that the first page of organic search results (i.e. not ad-related search) receives on average 92% of the ensuing click-through traffic, while the second page received just 5%.  And it just decreased further each page after that.

So how does an entity get its website or a particular web page ranked higher in the search results?

There was a time when unsavory “black hat” (think Bad Guy) techniques, such as “keyword stuffing” or buying “backlinks” could trick the search engines into giving a website or web page a higher ranking, but the algorithms of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have become much more sophisticated. Today, they not only can sniff out such sketchy tactics, but they can actually penalize website owners for using them. Penalties can be as severe as blocking their sites from being listed in search results at all.

While there are many factors that affect search ranking results, the search engines have made it clear today that they heavily favor sites that frequently present relevant, unique and compelling content for visitors.

One way to do that is to create and maintain a blog.Blogging-for-Business

But therein lies the challenge for many of our clients. Almost without exception they are busy entities that are growing rapidly. Everyone on the staff is already working 110%. To add on the task of keeping up with providing fresh, unique and compelling content can just be too much of a strain for many teams.

That’s where we at Adventure Web Interactive can be of service. We have a content creation team of diverse subject matter experts that can create compelling blog posts for you. Plus we know the ins and outs of writing content that such that it is optimized for today’s search engines. (Unlike the “black hat” techniques listed above, there still remain “white hat” tips to improve the ranking of a web item — for example, see our blog, 3 SEO Tips to Make Your Blog More Searchable)

Might we solve your blogging challenge? Check out more details about our Blogging Program.

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