How To Use GIFs To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how to incorporate GIFs in your marketing strategy.

Most people use GIFs through texting or messaging to express an emotional reaction to a situation whether it is sadness or happiness.  Companies are taking notice of the popularity of GIFs and incorporating them into their digital marketing strategies.  GIFs, which are short moving images usually consisting of a person doing or saying something, are an effective way for businesses to connect with their consumers.  There are few simple ways to incorporate a GIF into your digital marketing strategy.

Explain A Process

A picture or an image is often easier to understand than words, so GIFs a great way to communicate a specific message.  If you need to show your audience how to complete a task, then send out one or more GIFs through your social media channels.  For example, since Christmas is coming up, you can send out GIFs that show how to set up lights properly.  GIFs are a clear way to explain a process in an entertaining way that your audience will enjoy.

Promote, Promote, Promote

One of the easiest and most effective ways to promote a product or service is a GIF, which you can create.  Promote a brand new product with an exciting GIF that shows its function in an exciting way.  A picture can only do so much to showcase a product, and a video may be too expensive depending on your budget.  Plus, a GIF can be sent around easily on social media making opportunity for exposure.

Video Teasers

You just created an amazing video for an upcoming digital marketing campaign, but you are not ready to reveal it just yet.  GIFs are a great way to tease your video and draw attention to it creating some well-needed buzz.  You can take an entertaining or interesting part of the video and make GIF posting it on your social media channels.  People will be excited for your video to come debut.  

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